This incredible adventure takes place some 400km west of Nairobi in the western region of Kenya near the beautiful Lake Victoria. In 2008 a piece of land was bought in a village named Kadawa, near Kisumu with a view to developing a small farm to supply local widows with maize to feed themselves and their families.

Since that time we, as a church we have had the privilege of building a fruitful relationship with the people and church leaders of that area in seeking to support them in imaginative ways that will help the local churches and the people of their communities. Here are a number of projects that we have developed so far...

  • missions---Goats-for-uniformsMicro finance schemes to initiate business plans.
  • Well and water tower provided to enhance the farm.
  • Irrigation systems for individual gardens to thrive.
  • Goats for children to help them have money to enter school.
  • 2 year Farm School allowing farmers to experiment with different crops.
  • House replacement for families to have more substantial dwellings.
  • Mosquito nets to help cut down bites and therefore disease.
  • Motor Bikes for local pastors to get around visiting and ministering.
  • Building a church building in a village called Magwar.
  • Supporting a new school development and funding teachers to work there.

There are an increasing a number of churches being planted and growing in villages and communities around Kisumu for which we thank God. We plan as a church to increase our investment of time, people and resources in the coming years and look to what opportunities come our way in this amazing area of the world.


missions---Unlock-PotentialOver the years we have been involved extensively overseas following encouragement from the bible a number of years ago that we would ‘LEND TO MANY NATIONS AND BORROW FROM NONE’ (Deuteronomy 15:6) which has seen the leaders and members of Life Church Lichfield travel from New York to Czech Republic, from The Philippines to Ghana. With a particular friendship over many years with church leaders in southern Poland.

Privilege is the word... God is our motivation and source.